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Knoxville paints the tatas

‚ÄčBreastStrokes (formerly known as Knox Supports the TaTas) is a grass-roots effort dedicated to helping female cancer patients receive the financial support they need during treatment. We do this through our empowering public art project featuring the painted busts of women whose lives, in one way or another, have been affected by cancer. What began in February 2009 with a small group of gals focused on helping out one of their own with breast cancer has now grown to include over 300 volunteers open to supporting women with any kind of cancer regardless of insurance status. We are in the process of establishing a non-profit foundation to better serve women in the Knoxville area and make it easier for others to get involved. I am beyond proud to be the founding organizer for this amazing event and even more so to take this next step of making it an official non-profit with Bekki Vaden, the woman with the idea all those years ago, and Ammi Knight, one of the original and now resident artists! These gals convinced me to keep it going when I felt it was too big to handle and I'm ecstatic to see where it will go with their help and that of many many thoughtful volunteers!!